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Introducing Thirsty Thursdays: a CCWomen Podcast First episode? A deep dive into work-life balance.

Thirsty Thursdays by Grace Gilbert, Chief Content Creator of CCWomen, is a deep dive into what’s going on today with women in the customer contact industry, and in the business world at large.

With research, history, and a good cup of coffee on their side (or whatever beverage they are feeling that day) they are excited to talk about ways we can continue to make the working world a better place for women.

Join Grace for a new episode every Thursday. Every episode will feature interviews, discussions, think pieces, and other fun surprises all centered around topics that you want to explore. 

Think you'd be a great guest on the pod? Email Grace.Gilbert@cmpteam.com to inquire about interviews and features.

We'd love to have you on board.